company overview

Lake Charles Manufacturing has a proud history of developing and delivering innovative products through market research and technological advances. For almost a decade, we have developed ground breaking innovations including:

  • The first commercially viable print/decorating facility for cylindrical plasticware
  • Same day order fulfillment and next day printing
  • Advanced e-commerce integration with wireless logistical order/pick/pack shipping process
  • Manufacturer of the largest plastic test/culture tube in the U.S.

Our success comes from an unyielding commitment to quality and value, materials and process expertise, and excellence.

Our strong, visionary leadership has always been guided by an enduring set of Values that define our relationships with employees, customers and the communities in which we operate.

Our experience and Values have enabled Lake Charles Manufacturing to develop leading positions in our market segments: plastic test/culture tubes, printing/decorating cylindrical items, plasticwares and accessories.

We are a worldwide leading manufacturer of plastic test/cultures tube for liquid storage; and operate the world's only print/decorating facility open to the public for custom orders.

With a diverse customer base located around the world, the Lake Charles Manufacturing team assists approximately 10,000+ customers a year worldwide.
Lake Charles Manufacturing
2120 Gerstner Memorial Dr.
Lake Charles, LA 70601, USA
Toll Free: +1 866 739-4600
International: +1 213 673-1412
Fax: +1 337 479-2481
Office Hours: 9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
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